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associated with some destruction of the cervix, and forms a
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recorded are cases of localized (dorsal) myelitis, with secondary
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and vomiting. Irregular jerking movements of the paralyzed side, first noticed
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the same time anaesthesia of the left leg. Later still the left leg also became
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explains the phenomena observed in cases of primary spinal dis-
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HAMILTON, ALLAN McLANE, Nervous Diseases ; their Description and Treat-
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equipment for a new Veterinary Department. The members of
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be short, as I have had but little material to look over. But if I
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hay. Then the gentle breaking by farm hands, the easy work
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The effects are temporary as a rule ; most patients "become
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part of the sketch is broken up by increase of the connective
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aesthesia to ansesthesiometer. Reflex from ligamentum patellae lost ; no paresis.
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ciency of the veterinary service in the United States Army," has
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1; stricture 1; nephrolithotomy 2 years previously 1.
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in May. Reducing their rather lengthy report to its basic de-
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that which succeeds so well in mild melancholia. She was
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The pupils are equal and normal ; the ocular muscles act well ; and the
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with each decade. The proportion of males to females is
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fruit while waiting in my dining-room, whistles, kicks the furniture, answers
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drawing heavy loads or in driving, or race horses while being
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scattered throughout the brain and cord; they were present in the hemispheres,
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greatest softening. Several ganglion-cells contained vacuoles ;
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March 25th, 1883, the patient was reported in better con-
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in the feet of one of the patients before you, you see an example
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with well-chewed fodder. Mucous membrane pale, covered
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Treatment: I injected 3 xij of a 1% solution of collargolum
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same, is laid in a warm place for 24 hours. If sugar is present
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ical effect of considerable importance, due to the large quantity
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plexus) being unanimously regarded as certain, and the chances of reunion of
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gray matter of the anterior horns will be accompanied, within a
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the tendency is to replace them even here with gauze pads.
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If the animal is not cast, cocaine 5 per cent, solution should
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particularly painful ; no evidences of any external injury or pus.
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Deposits in national banks or trust companies . ...

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