Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

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109 real estate loans made during year, amounting to $307,007.

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was the seat of extreme burning and itching. She stated that

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weeks before admission. Pain relieved by rest and treatment. Pain returned,

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A class is held by the Obstetric tutor for practical instruction in the

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'' Another point of much consideration to the veterinarian

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the patient fancies, for example, that a celestial voice bids him kill

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the right lower lobe, in stage of red hepatization; expectoration rust-colored;

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by unconsciousness in fits. No passage of urine or fajces. Twitchings first

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No attacks of renal colic. On examination, rounded tumour in left lumbar

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E. S — , act. 19, single. Admitted January 15th, discharged April 2nd,

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dried covering was with difficulty i"e moved from the intes-

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for inclusion here. Of the remaining 7, 2 had typical

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Direct violence 8 ; indirect violence 12. Subclavicular 1. Anses-

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infarcts in the inflamed mucous membrane of the colon, and

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advised in refraining from opening the sac, being satisfied

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Bitten by Horse that Died of Rabies. — Binghampton,

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by a tumor ; transverse sclerosis ; transverse softening ; hemor-

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of the attack that has occurred is taken into consideration, we

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One of these is that the perusal of such one-sided reports is

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nosis of locomotor ataxia depends so much upon this symptom

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stopping of horses' hoofs is not necessary, as a rule, if the sole

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numerous in the Northern States, it is seldom mentioned or

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Real estate by foreclosure, etc. (assessed value, 8111,100)

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ignorance, then the horse must have that cure of all ills of the

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hyoscyamia, excepting that the pains were somewhat dulled. A

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than the left, and on percussion the note over the lower part of the abdomen

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choiea in 1. Five had been in-patients in previous years. During

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difficult to determine, for reasons already given. His intimate

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a tempoi'ary silk ligature (see Plate II, fig. 3). Now that

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Legally authorized bonds for municipal purposes, etc., of the following cities outside of New

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