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whether there exists paralysis, spasm, ataxia, anaesthesia, etc.

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paralyzed. Cont. iod. potass. September 27. Has had a good deal of rigid-

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For a fortnight after operation temperature never rose above 99°;

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tirely lost; but there is neither delirium nor coma; he is intelligent, under-

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iodide of potassium, 1.20, three times a day. April 5th. On the 3d, awoke

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foundations for comparing hysteria and the effects of certain

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mortem examination on this horse (No. 3) which had died. The

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also of adults males between thirty-five and fifty who are

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drub." He could catch very few words. In ordinary conversa-

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lowered the expectations raised by reading the published ac-

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symptoms continuing during the following day. As there was no evidence

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a great many undesirable people are prevented from entering into the

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Number of withdrawals during year, 2,805, amounting to .

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paresis or akinesis in the lower limbs) is characterized by im-

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The button-shaped tip is like a miniature cook's cap,

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jections, as pain has not returned. Continue internal treatment. Jan. 7.

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for it will be found on reflection that the complete amnesia of

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3. Paraplegia, which improves under the use of mercury and

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normal. No gout. Has been confined to the house for four and

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him at first .00045 three times a day, and, not obtaining any relief or any

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opened for the first time. Cavity of abscess plugged v\ith gauze. Drainage

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f Case by Charcot and Joffroy. Archives do Phys. normale et pathol., 1870.

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heat over the part chosen as the seat of counter-irritation. I

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becomes almost ataxic, or at any rate a good deal of stamj

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to the lobus Spigelii of the liver, and above intimately con-

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thick. The extravasated blood was red and coagulated. The

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motion at elbow and lingers. The lower limbs are without voluntary motion.

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A microscopic examination of the spinal cord showed no dis-

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