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reflex action is abnormally great, and in many such we obtain im-
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would be beyond the scope of this essay to describe it in detail.
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apply the current continuously (i. e. t without shocks), in order
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same period, 19,191 Out-patients have been treated, and in the
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curetting*, at which time the growth removed was pronounced
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Respirations 20. Pulse 112. Nystagmus almost disappeared. Conjunctivas
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and numbness in left side of chin, and around left corner of mouth. A few
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and vomiting three years ago, and has been costive during the whole period
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them are unable to enumerate the localities in which they have
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means by which they were relieved. Two large tables of
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of the sole in a normal foot is accomplished when the rasp is
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the upper part of the medulla and the lower part of the pons in
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it was decided to place the administration of chloroform during
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narians ever held in Connecticut, coming at a time when the pres-
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N. A. Dill, F. E. Dyer, W. A. Ham", C. S. Hapgood, G. A. Judd, Charles Manser, Nathan

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