Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

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" A few years ago hog cholera severely crippled the swine
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2. Compound depressed fracture of occipital hone. — H. C — , male, mi. 5.
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probably connected with their homologues across the Median
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be the dead enemies of the by Babur, consolidated by Akbar
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Real estate loans (average rate, 5.09 per cent.): 5%, $187,030; 6%, $1S,555.
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grants its diploma. Whether the student is poorly or thorough-
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This general use of the various bromides (of potassium,
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hemisphere has power over the left cheek, hand, and leg, and this
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the face, which remained motionless. During the greater part of the time the
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Tumours, &c. — 535 sections were made of morbid material
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well. Advice : discontinue medicine, but occupations to be
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pleural hajmorrhages were present. The kidneys were
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state of the spinal axis diminishes, the inhibitory cerebral influ-
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Ward on August 30th (Mr. Hunt, dresser) . She had been
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Total Expenses for the Year, including State Taxes.
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well, but with some suppuration. The temperature gradually declined to
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was a lady about fifty years of age, of nervous temperament, and
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was not always due to a defect in the conceptual centre, but
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this headache a most remarkable failure of muscular strength,
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inner surface of the hemisphere. The paracentral lobule is
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S. S. Baker, Chicago ; L. C. Tiffany, Springfield ; C. S. Hay-
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low position of the head of the humerus, and tends to

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