Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

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monary mycosis of birds, with report of a case in a flamingo,"

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tissue to which it was fixed, as it did not permit of separa-

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inclinded to doubt this, for in 18 of his cases, in which more than

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upon the internal capsule and nucleus caudatus, do not give rise

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left third frontal convolution and island of Reil ; intermittent apha-

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cloudy, contained some uric acid, and a trace of sugar. It had the sp. gr.[

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growth, only a slight shortening being found to exist even in

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serum ; after which the swelling was again poulticed. In all

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Dr. Judson Black, the efficient Secretary of the Michigan

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which was done, and nothing unusual was noticed about him.

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the cause of this disease cannot be considered as determined.

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now so wide and so many rich men have farms as side issues

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time the profession command greater respect than at any time

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Fred A. Buttrick, President. Frank W. Hurd, Treasurer.

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rational, but most of the time incoherent, having delusions in regard to being

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Classincation'of Deposits received during the Tear.

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Ordinary dividends declared during year: Jan., 1909, 2% .

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sion funds of such concerns can be administered. At least one large

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pain and swelling in the right side of the abdomen ; this was unconnected

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