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Total Expenses for the Year, including State Taxes.

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facts and that the marvels in the line of psychics, yesterday re-

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lids and fastens them down with strips of tough paper.

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seems to have fallen into a curious lethargic state. The speech is almost en-

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CASE I. Mr. F. O., aged 45, oyster dealer. History taken when first seen,

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spired much more upon the right side than the left. Besides,

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These bundles can be traced downward into the middle regions

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practice veterinary medicine and surgery in this State after the

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volutions, and the paralytic or spasmodic phenomena be marked,

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sure that although the power of articulation was nearly abol-

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to be the case from personal experience, indeed under certain

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For determining the condition of the functions of movement

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past summer and since, there has been some occipital pain on both sides,

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announce general specifications which can be readily applied by

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window, or to drown themselves. My rule is in such a state to

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has been in use less than four years in this country, it is not

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when the patient's wife first informed me of the one-sided

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from the burning, and not once in twenty strokes have I ever

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cian ; for some days after the reduction of prolapsed rectum or

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There is one disadvantage of using dry gauze ; the dis-

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during the following week. At the same time the systolic murmur became

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is entirely paralyzed. July 22. Has been getting feebler. Died ; no autopsy

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ting the brain while fresh was that, from the lack of consistency of the left

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and weeps violently. Then she falls into a heavy sleep.

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