Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

Photographic Art Images

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A day of desperate brooding succeeded by a night of unusually

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oval and resemble short, thick rods when actively multiplying.

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The best theory of co-ordination, to my mind, is that which,

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tions ; it often involves numerous muscles or joints at one time,

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Deposits in national banks or trust companies . . ... . . . 56,564 64

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no one near him to interpret, or when he would see the promotion of a class-

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they were employed on account of contracted pelvis^ in 2

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dry and brown. Restlessness and delirium at night controlled by chloral.

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just so in the case of aphasia : We are forced by cases to ideny

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ture rose to 103'8°. 10 c.c. of antistreptococcus serum injected. Death on 4tli day.

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* Reprinted from the Transactions of the American Neurological Association,

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observed a case in which a deviation upward of the eyeball was

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sema. Moist sounds and diminished resonance at bases. Sounds passed on 14th

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The oats were of good quality, mould free, partly white and

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thread-like bacilli, short, thick, round-ended coli-like bacteria,

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where the aching tooth of an elephant or tuberculosis of the

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ters the connective tissue around the nerve and that between

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length. Let it suffice to state that this result agrees with that

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parts ; purified caderoil, 2 parts. Each calf received ten grammes

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twelve dozen specimens, forceps, scalpel, scissors, section-lifter, mounted

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lication of the proceedings of the Association in book form, so

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Total Expenses for the Year, including State Taxes.

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Thus was fittingly ended the ioth anniversary of the found-

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discussion took place, carefully made autopsies since 1861 had

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two sinuses discharging from one opening. Sinuses may rest

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cise) will favor the reconstruction of the atrophied nerve cells.

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The muscular will-power in the right limb is good, but much weakened in

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reinoculated upon horses, they again assume their original char-

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(Accounts opened during year, 2,512; closed, 2,129; increase, 38S)

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Board of Investment: B. F. Dodge, G. E. Morrill, A. T. Collier, C. G. Roberts,

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have recourse to the unmeaning phrase of idiopathic disorder.

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no reflex movement is there present ; in other conditions of the

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