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away. At the same time he had severe bi-temporal headache with nausea,

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blood; trace of albumen j no sugar; alkaline. Temperature rose rapidly to

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annoyed at his total inability to find words ; this annoyance he expresses by

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pain, and with no physiological effect, except a transient and doubtful ting-

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case. Very few medical men take good notes. It is a very diffi-

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except in face, where some muscles show some slight clonic spasms. Since

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result. One occurred in a male aged forty, the second in a

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tions through force of habit. They are important matters for

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rule. Generally speaking, it will be sufficient to carry it-

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in the length of the bone. Four inches below the tip of the acromion a sharp

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altered ; and no lesion is evident in the white or gray substances.

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The distinction between cortex and medulla was quite lost,

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its action and intravenous dosing. He experimented on seven

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entirely thoracic. There was a feeling of resistance below and to the right of

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increase of dulness in right flank. Sweating. Operation 11.15 p.m. ; median

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had a quartan intermittent fever contracted in East Indies, fifteen months, off

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Solly, R. V., M.D. Lond., F.R.C.S., 40, West Southernhay, Exeter

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and left side, of false paraplegia (tetanoid). and atrophy of a few muscles of

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lytic Hospital, September 8, 1872. At first a painter, but during the last few

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been driven out of it, or whether it was a veterinary surgeon

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cuss scientific and practical subjects, and incidentally they be-

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ergy to the cultivation of what then seemed the outlying fields

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seizures. The continuation of the symptoms nay, their aggra-

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lung from ulceration of the growth is rather its characteristic.

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to the removal of the cause of the neuralgia. 2d. By the direct

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having dissimilar ends ; one narrow and thread-like running down into the

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lesion was not due, as in Mr. Lockhart Clarke's case, to proliferation of the

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All the cases, with one exception, were treated by dilatation and exploration of the

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rather a poor idea of the general instruction of veterinarians

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Injections made through mucous membrane, toward right infra-orbital nerve.

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