Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

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ing powder composed of iodoform and alum, or iodoform and
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take into account the many rubber and fibre shoes where these
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The Treasurer's report was as follows : Balance on hand at
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the lungs appeared healthy, and there was no tuberculosis
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granular. Mass of growth in front of abdominal aorta, and right common, and
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the following hysterical symptoms were observed and noted ;
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Last day for Entry for Prel. Sci. Exam. Univ. Lond. Last day
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the previous six months there had been noticed white patches
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results were generally so satisfactory as he had hoped. As
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growth on some six occasions. From the method employed,
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24th. No chill to-day. This morning had .25 at 10 A.M., and the same
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contagious insanity, as explained recently by Falret and Lasegue
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tender. No foetal heart could be heard ; the vertex was
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some transient central alteration produced a disturbance of the chylo-poietic
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tensor femoris, we make the patient hold the leg in extension
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Pacific. These appointees were not really inspectors. They
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day. P.M. — QEsopbagus invaded by ulcerating growth, extending downwards
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Macevoy, H. J., M.D.Lond., 41, Buckley Road, Brondesbury, N.W.
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ball and orbit. About one year ago (1874), and often since, had tingling in
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face free from wear. They all had a cementous covering.
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lectures upon the subject that this amnesie verbale consti-
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morning he noticed a marked degree of palsy in his left hand, the abduction
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3 cases, including 2 nurses, originated in hospital (see Table V).
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filaments go to the integument of the forearm, which is the
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small rounded eminences, which were very closely aggregated, but differed
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ments of the patient and friends, and an ocular examination,
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cause a fall of axillary temperature, and occasionally a rash.
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/be used as a tool to achieve try to establish a unique Nation \
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The day after admission the patient vomited. Treatment
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scopic examination showed the tumor to be composed of carci-
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Diseases of Women. — Clinical instruction is given in Adelaide Ward
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cribbing, etc., all traceable to that unerring law of nature, the
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