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purchase by the railway. In the centre of the front quadrangle stood

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understand a disorder in voluntary movement caused by want of

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duced, and Charcot explains this by supposing a second semi-

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tle, sheep, and hogs all show a slight decline. The steady ad-

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In July the choreic movements first appeared. On December Cth, left arm,

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the first efforts at movement. Contrary to what obtains in spas-

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palsy, with marked anaesthesia of left face ; great loss of sensibility in left

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lame? Did the lameness come on suddenly? Has he fallen re-

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During the rest of the day of the operation only slight pain was complained

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The child cannot stand or walk because of the spasmodic con-

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the medicines applicable for the treatment of neuralgia, the fol-

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sophically, the two professions are absolutely separated ; the

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In concluding this case I would express my thanks to Dr. Conrad for his

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was called upon to diagnose and advise treatment for same. The

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throughout successive generations there is a tendency to sus-

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I desire to thank my friend Dr. Amidon for the patience and

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(c.) Examining one of the large projecting granulations, we see that there

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of the spinal cord which give rise to definite symptom groups,

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doses of the remedy, and then make a very progressive increase.

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Operation. Resection of right infra-orbital nerve performed in February.

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With regard to the question of total numbers, the recording

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behind these on the superior parietal lobule is a centre for

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plegia. A short time before he was suddenly seized with a pain in left side

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days after operation, she was returned to her accustomed work*

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was giving potassium iodide, which I also advised. A few days ago Dr.

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pushed to the limit of prudence. The partial hemiplegia increased.

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ing 4 pints of fluid blood; lung adherent at site of injury. Ribs below 1st

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Since August, pain in various parts of head ; more in front and behind. Of

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temperature became again raised, and the headache continued, the mastoid was

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the faculty of Paris, confined in bed on account of an injury, was

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Amount paid for $1,279.96 $900.00 $150.00 $2.00 $431.29 $2,763.25

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