Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

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release to a large quantity of gas and foul purulent urine,
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near a shoulder joint. The neuroma was laid bare by dissection
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small swelling in the same situation, which rapidly increased. Occasional pain.
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scar above first metacarpal of thumb. Bruit present. Thumb kept adducted.
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Has felt fibrillary contractions from the start, and believes that sensibility
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friends of the house, and, with possibly the exception of the cat,
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Moore, Desvigne were unfortunately obliged to use very imper-
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mouth was dry and fissured, there were sordes on the
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petriere Hospital, during the winter of 1869-70. I have since
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others as cures of functional disease by faith-healing.
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3. Pathological anatomy (recent cases) demonstrates (a) that
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character. His vocabulary of proper and common nouns very
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published an autopsy of a case of sclerosis of the lateral columns
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Two compound dislocations were observed, both backward
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The question of difficulty in diagnosis which occupied us while
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These strips of paper must be intact when the dressing is
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spasmodic tabes; and I would suggest the term tetanoid para-
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I made the diagnosis of internal cerebral hydrocephalus, probably from
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in lungs. Temp. 103'6°. Incision released a small quantity of pus (rom beneath
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6 weeks. Much pain in the foot for few days before admission. Tlie dis-

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