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The .autopsy, nine hours after death, was made with great care. On re-
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b. Profit and loss {increase during year, $8,919.41)
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middle of February marked hallucination of sight and hearing occur. Left
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hands. These symptoms continued, but the headache ceased, tried to walk,
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emasculator. Two objects were particularly sought in this in-
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For many months the physician in charge of the child, and the consulting
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trusion and close the opening through which it has passed
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above optic symptoms, and very cross; the buccal temperature was 37.25 C.,
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atrophied group of muscles, and the negative sponge upon va-
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series). The dislocation stands sixth in order of absolute
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the uterus. The case was considered to be carcinoma of the body of the
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cause of anthrax, and the nature of all contagious diseases were
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Sir A. Cooper's, another that of Mr. J. F. South's. In the collection,
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entirely filled tlie interior of the vessel, and continued for some distance alou"'
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15 mm. horizontally. The anterior border of the piece of membrane is 58
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ulnar nerves, i. e., nearly all the small muscles of the hands, and
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educated at St. Thomas's Hospital or is in Practice in Bath.
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recognize the healthy fundus. By so doing you will get negative
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The Bishop of Winchester or the Archbishop seems to have granted, in
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The cyst was nbout the size of a Tangerine orange, and
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.004 t.i.d. June 13. For a month has been able to walk in garden with
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tion is sluggish and the extremities cold ; the breath is foul and
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notic. The pharynx wall and pharyngeal region of the epi-
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nish the latter), may be united in the holy bonds of matrimony,
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night. Incision made into swelling on inner side ; a large quantity of blood,
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septum lucidum. The roof of the ventricles is normal; and so arc the choroid
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bellum ; nothing detected beyond large sequestrum of outer surface of occipital
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cord. The opinion is based upon five autopsies : three by
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The anterior fissure and contained parts are very nearly normal ; anterior com-
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extended over a large area, and, besides temples to iEscula-
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There were no crepitations. The area of cardiac dulness

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