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69 real estate loans made during year, amounting to $883,000.
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retraction. Temperature rose to 104°. Antrum opened on both sides; the right
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Acting upon this belief, I at once began treatment by cauter-
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to do." " It has failed in properly teaching and examining on a
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In the first place, the convexity and base, and the whole of the right hemi-
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nure had not been carried out, nor had the temperatures of the
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method of suturing are far better than those obtainable by
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Operation (May 24th). — On opening the abdomen, the mass was found to
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ties. Dr. Ackerman has placed before the profession more than
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out of the prepuce and torn by one of the barbs of the wire. —
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Salina, Kansas, with his mother and brother, and while there
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the best method for removing shoeboils ?" " What is known
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teriorly, psychical symptoms ; when located in the median
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remedies is spasm of muscles supplied by spinal nerves. , In
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The patient was a victim of unusually severe syphilitic infection : having
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extensively in the treatment of locomotor ataxia, and am almost
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heart was a distinct presystolic murmur. The abdomen
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dium in 2, cerebral embolism in 3; infarcts of spleen in 6, of
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" Cases of Rabies in Animals. — Of 38 suspected cases of ra-
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cranial tension, remove oedema, or perhaps check the growth of
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Bromine (from /?pc5//o?, a bad smell,) was discovered in 1826
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god commanded his servants to seize him and hold him fast, so that his belly
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