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standpoints. In most cities where they do not exist, the prac-

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"The patient was next seen September 6th. The condition of fields of

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*Dr. A. Voisin, in his monograph, "De 1'Emploi de Bromure de Potassium

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CASE I. The first case was one of acute senile mania in a gentleman sixty-

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admitted to the Hospital practice. Clinical Lectures, and Museums of

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and give her .015 hyoscyamia; tongue is moist and clean; she was quiet after

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any means unpleasant years to look back to, it may happen that

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was oedema of the periphery of the nerve with some swelling of

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Deposits draw interest from third Wednesday of January, April, July and October; dividends are

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converse or answer questions ; her general health is poor ; she looks thin and

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At fifteen had a chancre, not followed by secondary symptoms.

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knowledge of pathological physiology, it seems impossible to

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he slept in the Sanctuary, the god asked him in a dream whether he had not

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quently failed to find the right word, and often found it only

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was destroyed by an injury from molten iron. Had gonorrhcea four years before

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(2) A general classification of the diseases for which

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Hands not anaesthetic or numb ; grasp, R., 69 and 64 ; L., 57 and 56.

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cranial tension, remove oedema, or perhaps check the growth of

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the microscopic appearances differed noticeably from those

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formed that in Chicago there is a splendid institution promot-

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Tlie correspondence between these three sets of figures is

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tissue ; nor that the climatic conditions were unfavorable to the

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State Tax (Net). Salaries. Rent. Advertising. Other Expenses. Total.

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The method of tabulation employed at St. Thomas's does

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paralysis. Rosenthal (1875) devotes only a short paragraph to

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lesion, I must again mention Tiirck, the great pioneer in the

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begin in the nasal angle of the eye outside the membrana nicti-

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Amended to read five instead of three. Carried. President

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complains of head feeling hot inside (cool outside). Lucid

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bogen visited 7,576 dogs, 219 cats and 116 various other small

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tissue ; the parts underlying the nodules being made up of similar fibres

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Association should not consider it an honor to receive a man to

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Nov. 14th. Poorly of late. Occasional attacks of occipital pain and vomit-

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of the cases that in some instances this preparation was

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cyst and wall of tube evidently caused by this twist-

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In the upper extremity, excision of the median and several

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of the horse to warrant its use ; but there is another view. If

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was something which I had never met with before. If he did

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