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the class rooms of the Kansas City Veterinary College.
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expression, staggering gait, partial weakness of memory, muscu-
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Diagnosis — cirrhosis of liver. Her health after leaving the hospital was poor ;
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individual muscles) in the opposite half of the body. The areas
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cases a practical method was adopted, and practical results at-
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A Report from a reliable correspondent has reached the
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mental work previously done at this station and the conclusions
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" Eleven years later Mr. Jonathan Hutchinson, with the
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mosis passed into the mass of growth above mentioned. Colon and rectum
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sesthetized with cocaine and an incision about one inch long
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711 loans on real estate {.average of each, 82,028.89) . . . $1,443,844 01
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since the experimental researches of Grehaul and Duquesnel in
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thetic, possessing all the anaesthetic qualities of cocaine with none of
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chloral, together with 4 drachms of tincture of ginger and 8
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The Collection of Chemistry and Mineralogy is under the
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found wholly in the white substance just beneath the cortex of
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the Physiological Department, giving increased space in the Laboratory
valium 5mg cats
containing 1^ pints of turbid yellow fluid with flakes of lymph ; in the pouch of
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Real estate loans (average rate, 4.68 per cent.) : 3£%, $121,279.10; 4%, $240,000.02; 4i%, $202,000;

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