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edge of the pathological anatomy of the points involved, almost

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cord. Often the paralyzed limbs are hotter than the anaesthetic.

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The patient, and his relatives also, noticed that going up and down stairs,

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Holmes 4 of the British army has recently published the results

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forearm ; in other words, it was feared that the great nerves which pass

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abdominal pain persisted after admission ; vomit coffee-ground. Lavage of

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Number of deposits during year, 48,636, amounting to

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5 mm. in diameter. The whole of the rod or stem, except the

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He gives TTlxxv in water 3 i. Is strong in his belief that sur-

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infection. The other died seventy-nine days after inocula-

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The Wainright Prize, ^io, is awarded annually to a University

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much patience in the successful management of such cases, that

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If the part is hairy it is shaved, aud the patient iu his

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tunate in his clinical experience. He employed Merck's crystal-

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fibres connected with the right retina, and.causing amblyopia of the right eye.

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Board of Investment: Lucius Field, G. P. Taylor, J. E. Thayer, E. S. Fuller, E. A. Evans.

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Board of Trustees: J. S. Anderson, Max Antes, V. D. Bahdwell, H. W. Billings, S. H. Boice,

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M. Aug. 18 Double salpingitis; cystic Appendages of

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the veterinary corps ; in combating rinderpest and surra in the

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nell sending A. D. White to England to get a horse doctor.

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Insular Affairs of the War Department, and is located at Manila.

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In the surviving male patient interesting nervous symptoms have appeared.

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chloral or opium. The bromide of potassium is generally pre-

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