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of children,f quotes with approval Trousseau's statement as to
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and formication which form such prominent features in these
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Front part of joint surface of riglit tibia separated. Heart fatty ; liver,
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healthy subject this test develops a contraction of the quadriceps
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increase the dose by .30 per dose, every second day.
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the pain made its appearance in the right temple worse at night.
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sensations is rendered doubtful by the occurrence of cases in
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or reflex) not due to inflammation of the spinal centre.
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Eruption disappeared on 2iid day, but child became increasingly weak and died
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The report for the year 1898 lias been arranged in two
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Bells." In that play Matthias is tortured by the idea that,
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Dec. 19th. Paralysis now very marked about right cheek.
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sows, bitches and cats, we have not knowingly had the accident,
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line of the opening. This was the best that could be done,
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2 to 4 p.m.; Wednesdays, 9 a.m. to 12 m.; the third Wednesday of March, June, September
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with bile, and a second ox which in all probability had not yet
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matters relating to the profession drop out of their minds, and
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anteriorly (inferiorly), wholly motor, viz. : paralysis of both third
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attending the hospital for some years with varying laryngeal
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fairly ; electricity daily applied. July 16. Discharged relieved.
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anaesthesia on 12th day failed, and temperature rose to 105°, with a rigor. Irie-

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