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N. Y. American Veterinary College, and several other visiting
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in a given space in the limb. However varied in character,
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supported by the use of tuberculin, have failed to check tuber-
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increased. The animal had difficulty in getting up, and finally
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of the brain which is concerned in the reception of sensory im-
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help of a cane, whereas in other cases the patient may die after
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had reached even to far-away little Tasmania, where I am I be-
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making these injections care was taken to avoid the point of exit of the infra-
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produced by the process of wet cupping is certainly very much
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up in the course of preparation of the numbers already
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system in which oxalate of lime appears abundantly and
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pneumonia. Two cretaceous nodules were present on one
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Finger 9, nostril 2, lip 2, neck 1, ear 1, wrist 1.
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protect the citizens themselves from the various forms of dis-
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between 6th and 7th cervical vertebraj were loose, although the bones were in their
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removed. This was followed by a fall of temperature to
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plished either by means of a splint applied to the posterior part
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Fred A. Buttrick, President. Frank W. Hurd, Treasurer.
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serum was resorted to. Abscesses of the rectum ulcerated inter-
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have a last form of crossed paralysis, of the olfactory nerve and
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the cytie of London be iij hospitalls or spytells commonly called Seynt
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of the hospital. It now stands in the grounds of the New Hospital.
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scientific and practical methods by which the work could be
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