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Personal experience. Influenced by Prof. Gubler's article and
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ganglion cells in the entire cord. In the decidedly diseased
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Briefly, I may say, that the claims in relation to the work
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right to obtain the greatest bromic action in those hours when
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acute abdominal pain of 3 days' duration. On examination, abdomen distended
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creek and he used same to water his dogs. On examining dogs
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I am led to publish this case because of the belief that had
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ment and not much more than from other well recognized
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is passed in the morning, it is found of high specific gravity,
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t.i.d. August 18. Has regained use of limbs, but is merely possessed of a
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First, in a positive manner, as showing that a superficial degen-
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will not arrest the circulation carried on through the arteries,
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was given at one dose (equivalent to .035 of arsenious acid). After the usual
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ing the great motor tract in the left hemisphere, we shall find
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Table I. — Abstract, showing Diseases, Sfc, in Classes,
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come contractured, by reason of secondary changes in the lateral
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From a study of these few cases, in the present state of our
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change in the attitude of the animal while in the standing posi-
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In the next lecture I shall systematically treat of the local-
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Miss A. B., aged 17 years, a handsome girl, with a very fresh complexion,
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and the trunks of the third, fourth, and sixth nerves, on their
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kept up to the eye. Takes also quinine, iron, digitalis.
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way off from the head of an old woman, towards which I desired to creep.
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Operation. — Anterior wound passed upwards and hackwards for 2 inches,
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rapidly increased. On examination, two small, rounded swellings size of hazel
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veyed the news of the death of the bull, as follows : At 8 p. m.
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be separated from costal margin. Dull on percussion. Liver dulness begins at
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the small of the back. Paralysis of lower limbs. Incontinence of ui'ine.

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