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Inhalt Valium

very nervous after the attacks; has been in the North since March. In August
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of medicines had been made. The opium treatment appears to have had the
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Memory is impaired and virility quite lost. Had severe dyspepsia and vomit-
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Classes co.iducted partlv bv examination, partly by demonstration, are
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deeply rooted as migraine. Our wonder may never cease
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to the continued (increased) activity of the lumbar gray matter
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absolutely unable to recall anything which happened from
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internal remedies. March 2d. Is now well. Some induration still remains
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ence, may, nevertheless, raise new points while they, at the same
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operated on came in a few weeks later for right pyosalpinx, and was operated on.
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ethmoid plate and cut through the optic nerve. Trephine hole made in temporal
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Board of Investment: C. L. Gardner, F. H. Stebbins, D. 0. Gilmore, F. E. Carpenter.
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Classification of Deposits received during the Year.
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to any appreciable extent. Vei'y definite improvement
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b. Profit and loss (decrease during year, $8,587.67) .....
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Further information can be obtained of the Hon. Secretaries.
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tion that hysterical symptoms will present themselves in per-
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Of cases discharged: 1 female had been an in-patient in 1895 and
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Most of the men who have this form of hernia are not
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pigmented. Limb is colder than the other, and bluish in colour. Treated
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C. H. LATHAM, Kidbrook Park Road { ^^^'^a^ncfcertififaJe 'of Honour.
inhalt valium
As to the merits of the plan of treatment, to say that it is

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