Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

Photographic Art Images

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occasionally streaked with blood, the limb swells extensively,
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into internal capsule; in 2 capsular haemorrhage, overflowing
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divided between forceps and ligatured, the stump being
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oped, healthy girl, menstruating since three years, with little pain. Mother
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emplified, but, although neither had definite fits, an epileptic
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June 22d. The cautery was applied in all some five times without produc-
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day. P.M. — Stomach and transverse colon bound together by mass of growth,
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there is no permanent effect. During the time he was taking the large doses
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XVII. J. D., a3t. 52, omnibus driver, admitted April 9, 1855. While
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passed away. With the bromides of calcium, lithium, zinc, and
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greater per cent, than without the chloroform. If we look again
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About 5 o'clock the nurse on duty heard someone talking
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Juice from the spleen and blood from horse Xo. 3 contained
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11 September 11. To-day, for the first time, find that the left eye on the outer
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(measurably) above the level of the surrounding retina ; the mar-
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in the best possible condition ; and it is the function of the
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fois que la sensibilite dcs doigts cle la main gauche s'ameliorait, niais il ne
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and most heartfelt sympathy to Mrs. Sarah E. Harrison, wife of
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" Foot-Rot in Sheep : Its Nature, Cause and Treatment,"
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Blood serum. — In liquid blood serum small flocculent
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Right-sided 15, left-sided 25, bilateral 2. Aspiration: once 14
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ner, after which the Wolverine Veterinary Association again
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too far forwards— to constitute it, as it were, an improvement
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gave a very interesting talk to the breeders of dairy cattle, touch-
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members subject to suspension for non-payment of dues, and
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3. That dysphagia may be slight or absent, and hence it
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albuminuria in 1. Of fatal cases: aortic incompetence in 2,
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lived for 3 weeks. In decomposing animal tissue they were found
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Arthur H. Rice, President. Robert W. Adam, Treasurer.
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so great a part in the latter that we find charms, enchant-
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of neuralgia, strictly speaking, is very easy. In neuralgia tho
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secrets of his past life — his share in the murder of a Polish

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