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and psychical epilepsy. In many seizures there were hallucinations of vision.

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lished in 1870,J and a second fuller exposition of his views was

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profession. Prof. Fish may well feel satisfied with the results

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Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Journal (Dr. L. M. GriflBths, 9, Gordon

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veterinary hospital in Upper Fourth Street. The object of the

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pain and heat. Muscles of entire body exhibit normal electro-muscular

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to the pia mater and cortex cerebri, forming the inferior wall of

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anterior to sacro-iliac synchondrosis, also pubes splintered. Comminuted frac-

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perform on a musical instrument just as a conscious person

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derstood by the operators, except that the preliminary disinfec-

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recommend its execution only in extreme cases of cerebral

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in Case II. it is clearly stated that the nausea was secondary in

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fessional man material which may lead to the elucidation of ob-

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[Here it was obsenred that the pupils were contracted and acted to

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and many other practical topics. There is no fear of a lack of.

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minutes. P.M. — Hematoma of scalp over right occipital bone, fissured fracture

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Hence it would appear that other parts of the injured hemi-

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convulsive action of the expiratory muscles succeeding a deep

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tration of said phantoms, and the mode of securing two fcetal

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the ulnar nerve, or parts in physiological relation with it higher

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Many members were interested in the subject of milk fever

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sensations (connected with hallucinatipn), and those which con-

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