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seldom in the last few months. Has had no symptoms in other parts of the

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covery. The modus operandi of Prof. Lienaux is as follows :

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extensive — extended from the surface to the tibia, filling the interior of the bone

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fession, without becoming special practitioners, began and car-

can valium stop heart palpitations

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The case from the Elizabeth Ward now shown is that of

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affected in very various degrees ; in others the pneumogastrics

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soft fields or put into box stalls or barnyards, where there is not

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time no impairment of sensibility is to be noted. In a short

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oculists, dermatologists, gynecologists, or what not. A certain

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are also abundant in the sympathetic nerves. We find myelinic

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this erroneous doctrine leads to insufficient (merely orthopaedic)

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the breath was very offensive. The respiratory movements

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On the contrary, let your aim for several years be to cultivate

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of the heart is a common thing in cases of Addison's dis-

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dition present at the commencement of an epileptic convulsion.

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tory. It is important to distinguish these compensatory deform-

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wiring of olecranon 1; amputation of arm in upper third 1.

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starch-powder. It seems to me rational to anticipate good re-

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Jackson must, I think, be considered, after Prof. Broca, as the

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by experiments upon monkeys and dogs, and by numerous post-

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be called one of partial dementia a condition in which the past

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covering the convolutions, they penetrate the nervous tissue in

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Incorporated March 10, 1887. Number of corporators, 21; number of trustees, 21.

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