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Vanilla Flavored Valium

Nothing was made out on abdominal examination. Per vaginam : on the
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perature. It exists in localities with soil rich in organic mat-
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osteo-myelitis, the principal symptoms of which seem to have
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is versed stronger than valium
associations, and associations whose members are personally ac-
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stroyed, and it is also met with in progressive locomotor ataxia.
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$225,000; 4J%, $365,000; 4£%, $315,000; 4|%, $80,000; 5%, $104,083.33; 5i%, $900;
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entry made at the hospital. The " in-co-ordination " consiste^ in extraordi-
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Incorporated May 26, 1868. Number of corporators, 49; number of trustees, 14.
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Personal loans (average rate, 4.09 per cent.): 4%, $1,147,000; 4|%, $180,000; 4*%, $79,100;
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Gross income received during the year, $287,326.26.
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operator had previously operated on less than half a dozen scat-
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fibrillar tissue in the anterior fissure in various parts of the cord, mainly in
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occur, the large cavity on either side of the head, in front of
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tear has extended through the sphincter, the modifications
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the whole of the ascending parietal, are preserved. This lesion
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awarded annually for work in Anatomy and Physiology. The conditions of
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ological changes, and marks the beginning of those processes by
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our medical literature, unless he have time and opportunity to
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" Case IX. — Brown trotting mare, very lame in the near front
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syphilis or alcohol. Patient had influenza a fortnight before admission, from
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years; during the year one case was admitted three times, two
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add to the basis cerebri the parts which lie in front of the crura,
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tested. Temperature normal. Pulse 54. July 30th. — An abscess that occupied

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