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dessus de la lesion. On ne pourrait la considerer comme un

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election of the present officers of the Association.

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and committed physical excesses together, both felt acute

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By limiting his range of practice, a physician in the course of

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some contracture of right hamstrings. No patellar tendon reflex. Calves

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chronic myelitis of the anterior horns, we may nearly always

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evident that it is not only intended to come in contact with the

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ing all the time to improve their work. Let us see what lately

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followed conservative treatment, and he died after a secon-

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being taken that they are only touched with clean hands.

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Real estate loans (average rate, 5.19 per cent.): 5%, $323,830.33; 5£%,

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believe that in minute and exact analysis of symptoms and

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cent. ; in 1 case the fracture was of the neck of the radius,

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The operation in question was performed upon a very un-

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Nattress, Delavan ; R. W. Story, Princeton ; W. J. Martin,

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dered probable by at least one case which has come under my

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a thorough disinfection of the entire wound canal. If we suc-

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rectly produce cerebral anaemia. Many cases so viewed might

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number of tender "points," not patches, some at the places

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frequently a leading pathological factor in cerebral diseases, and

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1 . Lord Dalhousie became the Governor General of India in _

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Medical Society in 1884, and published in the ' Medical

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before admission pain down the thigh and appearance of swelling below left

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two weeks, then turned on pasture three months, returning

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months could copy simple sentences correctly, sign his name in

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true therapeutical effects were first apprehended. This was by

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The " monthly premium " policies are issued for amounts varying

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Legs [Prof. Moussu]. — This unusual case was the object of a

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