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missions; bowels being constipated, arc to-day moved by injection; when he
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organ is the seat of the lesion, we observe that the arm and leg
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announced that he would present ^Esculapius to them in a
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proportionate incidence of dislocations in a population
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and place forward the foot quite easily, but seemed a little uncer-
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Autopsy made 24 hours post mortem. Head only examined.
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Sanctuary with money which he had received from Pandarus to make a
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dered valuable aid to the operators. But all Brooklyn veteri-
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burned and that the skimmilk be heated to destroy tubercle ba-
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and the sub-coronary cellular connective tissue, which com-
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this may be best prevented by change in the position of
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conditions of parents or grandparents often reappear in the off-
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at the crico-arytgenoid joints, and muscular degeneration
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Dr. L. L. Diller being absent, the Secretary read his report :
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Special instruction in the subjects required for this Examination is given
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By D. Arthur Hughes, Ph. D., D. V. M., Cornell University,
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have created for convenience, we see the first changes in the
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provision be made, not only for the literary part of the pro-
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Clinical Lectures in Medicine and Surgery are given every I Wednesday throitghotit tke
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and independent men are very apt to ignore. The successful
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against the tubercle special to their breed. The results he has
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Aneurism smaller and harder. Pulsation gradually became less, and ceased on
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used so much that there is little danger of rust or dust settling
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8. In the status epilepticus it shortens the attack materially ;

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