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these stricter conditions the test was done 89 times, and of
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repairing Injuries of the Intestines, and those furnished by his
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in precisely the same location (left frontal lobe) in which no
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constant talk of disease of the brain, extraordinary symptoms,
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volution, and was successful in trephining directly over it. In
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aphasia. It is wholly within what are now called the inexcitable
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tendon sheaths under proper precautions and obtaining good re-
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a greater value to the average American veterinarian than this
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period of time, it is impossible to prevent certain errors from
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would be dead in twenty-four hours. After getting a history of
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our animal and dairy industry under veterinary direction. When
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the lesions characteristic of chronic neuritis, viz., much increase
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Prof. O. Schwarzkopf before the class of the new college of
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that of lung tuberculosis, where bovine and human bacilli were
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few words about physiological and pathological sternutation may
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1'anesthesie chez M. K. dependait presque entirerement de 1'alte-
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1. Whenever in apparently favorable cases there are signs
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figs from the altar; and after this he went round to all the altars, in case
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Extra dividend declared during year, June, 1909, 1% .
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process lies the folded part of the third frontal convolution (a).
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ness. Both knee-jerks brisk ; no patella or ankle-clonus. March 21st. — As the
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mashes, and decreased the number of doses to three times a day.
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of the brain, the other inferior, with the various parts which
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teeth, slightly salivating and having a rather wild anxious ex-

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