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attack as he did when the seizures recurred every two or three
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Isolated dislocations of the ulna. — The remarks made as
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strange, however, that a prejudice exists against that profession
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a severe case of melancholia confined in a private house (except
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increase of dulness in right flank. Sweating. Operation 11.15 p.m. ; median
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■•^ t^ c<i 56 i- t ~ " co u5 oo © r* »-h io ob ob o to c
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termed " perineo-synthesis," of which the express object
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Real estate loans (average rate, 4.85 per cent.): 4i%, $525,200; 5%, $1,288,270.
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sixteen-months-old registered Shorthorn bull. This bull was
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hand with the motor districts of the cortex, and on the other hand with peripheral
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Other loans (average rate, 4.16 per cent.): 3J%, $4,000; 4%, $19,300; 5%, $7,000.
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killed them (Jan. 30th, 1903) in two hours, when dried on cover
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mon sense and medical knowledge, together with a knowledge
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fundus (atropine used). The right side of the face is rather inert, but the
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plegia (of cerebral origin) bear a very close resemblance to the
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automobile has been ascribed to you, I am here this evening as
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external osteitis, forming quite a tumor, which had, after adhering to the
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the influence of these drugs than males, you should commence
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2. C. K — , male, vet. 43. Father died of cancer. Difficulty of swallowiug,
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and do cause gastro-intestinal disorder, but I have very rarely
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"The Value of Manual Examination per Rectum," Dr. N.
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the similarity of eclamptic and epileptic attacks the latter
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the right sternal margin, and posteriorly numerous crepita-
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In this case the first stage is about to pass into the second, or ataxic stage,
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liquid food be given to him frequently ; beef tea, chicken broth, milk punch
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599 loans on real estate (average of each, $3, 135.83) . . . $1,879,207 00
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with gas; from time to time the legs jerk. Other symptoms not much
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the face covered with erosions and ecchymotic scratches.
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and has gradually increased till it attained 3 to 4 times that size. Three months
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judge from gross appearance, seemed to be normal in size,

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