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Consulting Ophthalmic Surgeons. — R. Liebreich ; E. Nettleship.
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2. What are the causes for population explosion? Explain the steps
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of Niiremburg, at the age of sixteen, knew but the words mann
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fibre is meant a complete nerve fibre, one consisting of three
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sac of liJBmatocele removed together with blood-clot. Progress
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are present (convulsions and paralysis), according as the excit-
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Peru ointment. At the same time I cut out a strip of the ulcer and adjacent
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Agncw and Knapp found white atrophy of the optic nerves. No recovery of
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Due depositors on 3,215 accounts, averaging $359.73 each .
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evening. Not much discharge. Large hernia cerebri. Abscess cavity quite
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dles of nerve-fibres in the optic nerves and tracts ; hence it has
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combing and brushing her hair. Great slowness in all acts is
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subdivision and arrangement of quantities of the solution. This
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Vesey, T. a., M.B., A.B., M.Ch., Knaptou, Rostrevor, co. Down
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Hypersemia of the nervous system occurs as the result of
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hand. I could not make out that the knee joint was affected. The muscles
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include the cyst, which was more developed in the frontal lobe,
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in severity. Nitrite of amyl has also been used with success in
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querait parfaitement les symptomes. Mais, en outre, il faut faire
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of the organ are involved. We also observe inability to main-
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kills horses and mules, while cattle are less affected. There ex-
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paralysis of a muscle, but a partial and gradual death of its con-
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that I could not avoid a suspicion of epithelioma, in spite of the symmetry of
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answered all questions quickly and brightly, and said that
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tips ; from six to nine attacks each day. Now takes .0008 acoiiitiffi three
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auditory meajus. At the top of the head this line the auriculo-
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Sanctuary of >^sculapius bore no resemblance to that at the
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was no marked motion above the elbows ; it was a regular hammering or
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fined himself to a diabetic diet. Discharged on 7th day.
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remains of the 10th dorsal vertebra in the canal was small, makes
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line of the opening. This was the best that could be done,

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