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Association. We have not heard whether Dr. Norgaard has ac-
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emotional state of hemiplegic patients, whose intellectual con-
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observed this in my practice during the last three years. Hav-
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substance on its outer and anterior parts, with masses of gray
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Deposits in national banks or trust companies ....... 198,401 40
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daily with i part of caustic potash to 4 of water ; the other parts
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treatment adopted. The treatment will vary with all these fac-
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the anterior gyri'of the island of Keil, the paracentral lobule on
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the same granular detritus as in lenticular ganglion. Abundant granular
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instituted in place of the original bathroom for the performance of the
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Soft catheters are not, however, satisfactory. Boiling is
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bodies arc also found in the white centre of the frontal lobe, and in the con-
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ness. The following July the horse was brought back, because
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are two slight burns. There is also a hole, made through the
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those of our friends who, while at the meeting of the A.V. M. A.
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of the melancholic state, or the condition of depression.
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August 18, retention of urine occurred, for which the catheter was. used
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and we can control this, but in cattle we have an additional
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This simple and practical method of antitetanic prophylaxy
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it. Herds would be established which do not show any signs
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and a second one just helow the left mastoid process. Wounds circular ; no
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to 217 in-patients; 231 major operations were performed.
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umns have been much more subdivided. Following the latest
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tendon. But in feeling the popliteal region, this is found in-
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stained fluid 3. Shelled out 2j excision of lobe ].
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It was noticed that although the patient was so languid,
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nitric acid upon a frog's anus after decapitation, with the effect
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the hock, and, after fifteen minutes, tenotomy and firing were
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ness as is exercised in buying coal oil from anybody who has it
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Street railway bonds 485,000 00 483,200 00 485,000 00
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guarana prepared by our druggists, and all of these preparations
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The subject in hand is really a very complicated one, and I
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goes on to throw doubt upon the observations made by clini-
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period, the enlargement and hardness of the cervix, the
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Yet in one case there was typical choked disc, in the other the

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