Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

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ities of the left 9th and 10th ribs, perhaps involving their.costal
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22d. A lesion (destructive) of nerve trunks gives rise to a
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hemisphere has power over the left cheek, hand, and leg, and this
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4. What are the causes for the First Anglo Mysore War?
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Mr. X , aged forty-three years ; a private patieiit of Drs. William H.
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Personal loans (average rate, 4.48 per cent.) : 4%, $285,000; 4£%, $213,146; 5%, $212,900; 5£%,
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Frequently the animal has exhibited for a variable number
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State Tax (Net). Salaries. Rent. Advertising. Other Expenses. Total.
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It appears to me that the deep inspiration which we take previous
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Increase or Decrease of Body-weight,^' 'Med. New?,' Pliilad.,
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Number of loans not over $3,000 each, 185, amounting to $196,425.16.
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looked upon as quasi-incurable, and are almost shunned by the
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Causation. — Clothes ignited 28 ; lamp upset 3 ; fall into fire 9 ; rocket 1 ;
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the disease. Ten cups may be applied upon* the back, and ten
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Growth excised at Middlesex Hospital eight months after onset of symptoms.
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apex in sixth intercostal; cardiac sound can be hearc7 away from the patient,
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ulceration of inside of lip." These attacks were the residua of the previous
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Why this mistake ? There is hardly any excuse for it, as our
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kyphosis composed of three vertebrae in the lower dorsal region.
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structive fact to recollect that what we to-day consider as typical
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month ago, while lying in berth, he suddenly became paralyzed on both sides
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being for the moment in a state of extremely violent extension.
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At 10.45 p.m. the os was three inches in diameter, pulse 150,
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she became aphonic, the sides of the thorax corresponding with
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our medical literature, unless he have time and opportunity to
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after which essays were read by Dr. G. F. Faulkner, of Salinas,
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from the bed or chair, assisting himself with his hands. On
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above-mentioned gyri with the crura cerebri, constituting the
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recent discovery. We determine their existence or non-exist-
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penetrant wound of the navicular bursa from a street nail gath-
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fibrous structures brought across to some extent, but no

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