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Number of withdrawals during year, 15,645, amounting to

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names read to become members of the Association. Carried.

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no special* symptoms, but larger quantities are apt to cause gas-

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a. Guaranty fund (4.90% of deposits; increase during year, $3,500)

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cruris, with its contained vaso-motor (and convulsive ?) centre ;

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Amount paid for $25,508.10 $16,083.32 $1,625.00 $11.00 $1,755.81

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out of the wound a portion of the cyst wall tore and allowed some of the

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and we regret that their publication is delayed until the March

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it easier to understand. Bnt it certainly was not so in my

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Should the cervical canal be patulous to such an extent

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neck had lost motion, and was anaesthetic ; the right upper eye-

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caseation. No evidence of the tuberculous nature of the condi-

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edition of 1860. French writers upon the diseases of infancy,

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it before ; but as French, English, Italian and German papers

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Europeans also paved the way for the reign of Aurangazeb. Thus the

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a bureau or department established with ample scope to deal

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Dr. C. W. J. Haworth, of Eganville, gave an interesting ac-

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Board of Trustees: G. W. Brown, R. E. Burke, L. D. Cole, J. C. Coleman, L. B. Cushing, N. N .

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39, or 70'9 per cent., occurred in connection with the elbow

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atum is usually accompanied by atrophy of the left hemisphere

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resemblance of this case with the cases of central myelitis with

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Moore 1 has described an organism of the bacterium septi-

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duce two kinds of symptoms, which we should always attempt

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using the bromide treatment, and I desire to place on record

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healed. Bone beneath rough, but not fractured. No intra-cranial mischief.

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" What is there now remaining of what was formerly recog-

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paid in, are legal investments for Massachusetts savings banks.

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and a piece about one inch excised. The wound was closed bv

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ance " he discussed the possible causes of this increase. It

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E. Stocking, J. H. Taylor, L. R. Webber, J. E. Smith, and Wm.

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ment and not much more than from other well recognized

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The minutes of the previous meeting, which was held in

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tents contained fodder mixed with slime. Intestines almost

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