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have seen them in a sclerosed patch of the ependyma ventricu-

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life of the patient by inducing infection, so that when the extent

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Florida and has had quotidian chills for eight days; paroxysms at noon, re-

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by the vaginal route, and was seen to be the seat of very

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served and treated in the New York Hospital during the month

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On cutting through the occipito-atloid joint about 50 c. c. of clear

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so much aggravated by movement as to suggest a rigid state of

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temperature became again raised, and the headache continued, the mastoid was

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both. The majority of the students clung to Guy's where the prestige of the

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attempt is made to disinfect the skin by the continued

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use of emetics. Eulenberg * recommends emetics, skin irrita-

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which was adherent to the oesophagus, and opened into a

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paracentral lobule) produce descending degeneration through-

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present well-defined motor points upon the buccal mucous mem-

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The treatment was began September 22d, by giving Duquesnel's crystallized

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inary transverse line through its equator, may likewise, if exten-

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a cord or like a belt round about the palsied parts, indicates (in

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tumor-like development of bone is 25 mm. anterior to the opening in the skull

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calculous pyonephrosis. Of fatal cases: in the male the con-

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dilated. The horse died at 5 p. m. — four hours from the appear-

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been displaced by more concrete conclusions. Of most histori-

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holders in 1909. In future years the cost will probably be even less,

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phorus in full doses. Chief seat of pain is in supra-orbital branches of tri-

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largement of spleen in 1, passive congestion of viscera in 6.

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March assumed an intermittent type with sweating and chills — on one occasion

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Bill of $5.15 allowed the Secretary for stationery and stamps.

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Fractured humerus. — Males 5, females G. C. 10, D. 1. Middle third 1 ;

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arm has hung useless by her side. The right hand has wasted more recently.

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