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spinal cord and medulla. This decussation is made up of
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sage of this much needed law. Besides the discussion relative
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protean ways by means of, or through organs. Phrenologists
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somewhat to one side ; "has some slowness and difficulty of speech." He
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These simple solutions, which I have found much more palat-
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efforts to overcome this contracture only increase it, and the
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of the cortex in the excitable zone, faradization of those portions of white sub-
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f 2. Any member of the State Human Rights Commission shall be removed \
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third prize, of the total value of $70. Mr. Davison has been
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leg noticed one week. Xo voraitiug and no hsemorrhages.
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the patient and examined his eyes. The following are Dr. Mathewson's notes :
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not show that she felt the manipulations, and displayed no con-
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He has had a band-like feeling around the calves of his legs, and a pressure
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of drying the hands after operations are over. The hands
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lising plant cleaned and furbished. The work is so arranged
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Ordered some stimulants. Is sensible to pain of pricking and pinching.
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upper limbs and the trunk were moderately moist, the left side
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municated with the lateral ventricle, which contained blood-stained pus. The
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for poor patients, a solution of bicarbonate of sodium. I might
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nerve fibres ; their myeline sheath is undergoing disorganization ;
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Then, on looking up, I saw the priest snatching away the cakes and dried
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and throat, and some muscles of the larynx. Labial sounds are
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lame before the last shoeing? are questions more or less familiar
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Acute tetanus. — 1. H. F — , male, set. 23. Labourer. Six days before admis-
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Due depositors on 1,948 accounts, averaging $413.37 each . . •
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covery by anchylosis is our only hope. I might mention that
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heel wanders about in a vain attempt to hit the mark.
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in Canada balsam. With a low power or with the naked eye the

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