Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

Photographic Art Images

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made up almost wholly of the upper (inner) ends of the ascend-

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tioned are taken from the post-mortem room chart in use

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life. In 1863, in Europe, she had an attack of mydriasis on the right side,

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in his mind former observations, to wish at least to record in

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VI. Report of the Department for Diseases of the Skin

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jaundice, much pain and vomiting, and died on 28th day. P.M. — Omentum

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Placental polyp in 3 cases; blighted ovum in 1. Fatal case had offensive and decom-

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pulse felt below the apex of Scarpa's triangle. Urine acid, 1014. No sugar;

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waist measurement during the same period had decreased ten

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bacilli in all the tissues and especially in the blood of the

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immediate absorption of the iodide as such, viz., the use of

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centre of Broca, about 10 mm. above the apparent commence-

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Dr. H. C. Wood, of Philadelphia, in his Treatise on Therapeutics,

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bottom of the eye. Hearing, smell, and taste arc normal. The urine- has

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the increased docility and lessened injury to dehorned cattle in

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all such would be admitted bo the wards aud the point

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number, and early in July had notably diminished. Patient

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movement of the index needle. We know that there is in most

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jection to the influence of the drug be continued, it ultimately

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heard, or rather a soft blowing sound over the base of the heart near the aortic

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just perceptible, while on the right side they arc (> mm. in diameter. The

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most positively having had any hallucination of sight or hearing. Has been

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him ? Would you have it go forth from this exquisite banquet

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2. is considered to be one of the greatest Governors

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made to retain in the highest state of efficiency an institution

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at the end of 3 weeks, with the exception of being able to lift his arm above the

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til the superior border of the cartilage is reached, which can

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2. The great basal ganglia, i.e., the thalamus opticus, nucleus

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solution. The cow showed no signs of diminished appetite or

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fluid in pelvis, but intestines only showed some small points of injection. Gut

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and the fact that while I have followed essentially the methods

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extension inward can give rise to the motor symptoms which

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coming from supra-bulbar parts, great basal ganglia, cortex of

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qui a disparu complete ment en quelques mois, ne pouvait de-

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