Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

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and sore throat ; patient took to his bed. Later he complained of pain in his
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unable to say whether the spasm appeared first in the arm or
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the value of ^27 loi-., is awarded each year to the Student placed highest
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for about 12 days after operation. Antistreptococcic
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so that his legs dangle some two or three inches beyond its
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Prof. John G. Curtis, then demonstrator of anatomy, and performed with well-
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1,135 loans on real estate (average of each, $2,452.83) . . . .
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and consequent emaciation. Some difficulty in swallowing
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State Tax (Net). Salaries. Rent. Advertising. Other Expenses. Total.
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eesthesiometer can be distinguished on all the parts of the body.
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F. I. Pratt, H. R. Reynolds, John Reynolds, B. F. Rollins, W. A. Rust, F. A. Schirmer,
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are of great importance, the former only are absolutely indis-
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On December 6th at noon, a fourth horse showed slight
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sponded, asking for a copy of the constitution and by-laws, and
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and it is doubtful if they had arrived when the fire started. —
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guage, and that it had its seat, its physical organ, in the anterior
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Hyoscyamia in small doses diminishes heat-formation, while
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tory movements impaired. The edge of the liver could be felt 2 inches below
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abduction of both cords, but adduction not interfered with
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tion often extends into the nares, with considerable destruction
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filment depends the subsequent course of the healing process.
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the cultivation of those elements which furnish the material for
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ky, Crete. Indian Territory: — Dr. C. D. Meredith, Vinita.
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in the feet of one of the patients before you, you see an example

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