Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

Photographic Art Images

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(c) By four payments, ^6^ at the beginning of the first

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The Cheselden Medal, founded by the late George Vaughan, Esq., is

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rounded by dark brick-red pigment. The white substance only

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Had been tapped twice by her doctor. The cyst con-'

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fails to furnish the elements for more than what I am in the

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in operation in that State have been endorsed, and their passage

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anchylosis is the result, more or less ruining his usefulness, accord-

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(c.) The following rules for the operation, given in my first

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line ; tlie right can only be abducted half the normal

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1.2 cc., with 1.2 of bromide of sodium in camphor water, at bed-

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Students who propose to obtain Medical Degrees in the University

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