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decide that he is suffering from paraplegia. A patient present-

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He had occasion to use mallein on a number of horses ; the ob-

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tries to protrude his tongue when asked. Profuse sweating.

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treated by rupturing the membranes, 3 cases by the intro-

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been discussed in France, more especially, by the most eminent

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to my knowledge is that held by Dr. Neergaard, the dis-

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relation to public health — Statutes relating^ to public health— The powers

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the cultivation of those elements which furnish the material for

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Convalescence was interrupted by an attack of pneumonia at right

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(post-mortem examinations) contradict, in a perfectly over-

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The following is a transcript of notes which I made upon the state of the

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utter impossibility to hold the pen. The same spasm of the

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tion, the state of the circulation, arterial tension, and, in some

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It was decided to hold the clinic at the Veterinary Depart-

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* This article is a continuation of one which appeared with the same title in the

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llth. At six o'clock A.M., was discovered in a " fit " by the attendant.

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To judge in this way from one specimen, I believe to be a most

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courts as a matter for study and decision, but it may eventually

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Hygeia and Panacea have handed down names of medical

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lowing history: eighteen months previously had a first attack of severe

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same result as on the first two days. Two experiments were also made with

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in their series is almost exactly 1 to 10, in ours approxi-

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two said to have died of thrush. Previous health good, with the exception of

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Pulse 58. Operation. Wound opened up; fungus cerebri with pus escaped;

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observer feel the patient's muscles, he will find them firmly

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