Ronald Reagan on Rushmore

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Graefe's knife on making the section, and in the former

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encountered because of her having been docked so that the tail

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before admission twisted her left knee ; it became swollen and red. Treated by

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ferent. There was a period of two years, previous to the patient

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With this exception the lungs were crepitant and normal.

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recall no other records of this accident, but if other operators

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served and treated in the New York Hospital during the month

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The trypanosomiasis of man was first established by Costel-

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value of ^150 and /,6o respectively, at the commencement of the ist year.

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vessels next the cortex. Around many of these the exudation formed tumor-

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In the first place, they conduct the impressions they receive, in

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of growth, ultimately presents irregular swellings and depres-

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grains of fresh gland as prepared at the hospital and given

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2. S. C — , male, set. 36. Si.^ months previous to admission slipped on a piece

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Occasionally, there was slight return of cervico-brachial pain.

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The following mixture was ordered: !$. potassii iodidi, 15.; potassii bro-

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rate also increased. No tenderness or swelling ever detected in thigh. Gradually

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