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ties for use in hospitals and private practice, although none has

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animals and by the study of pathological cases.* What the

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sense appeared normal, and what inco-ordination existed AVJIS

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Number of deposits during year, 34,045, amounting to

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of sixty as clearly to show a steady rise in the fracture

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College were held Dec. 22d, 1904, when the following were

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I shall state in a general manner the tendency of these recent

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" Case VIII. — Bay gelding, ringbone near forward pastern ;

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An afternoon specimen had the specific gravity of 1,045, and contained a

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even flash-like, whereas in vertigo, cardiac syncope, and some

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clot and membrane over the posterior part of the third frontal

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weak solution of chromic acid. Two or three weeks later, trans-

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applied at white heat, and in a superficial way (Brown-S6quard's method).

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I shall first relate the cases as they are in my case-book.

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interrupt the epileptic habit. The omission of the bromides for

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II n'avait qu'une seule blessure, une laceration du cuir chevelu sur le parietal

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branded with the marks of Pandarus in addition to his own.

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prising the excitable districts of the cerebrum. Lesions of any

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ble was correlative in spleen and liver, the lesions in the liver

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Malpighii, with hypertrophy of the whole skin in places. In

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ration of lower epiphysis 2; internal condyle 2; refracture 3; double 2; com-

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Duquesnel's aconitia in solution three times a day. Contrary to positive

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greater the chance of satisfactory union. "A subsidiary,

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with the City of London appears to begin. To meet the needs of the sick

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in building up the solid edifice of pathological science. ' '

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man, insects, or soiled utensils. It was formerly thought that

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sows, bitches and cats, we have not knowingly had the accident,

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them. It is usually in one side of the head, hemicrania ; deeply

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counter-irritant applied on the top of the neck, and drastic pur-

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writing, thus enabling the Secretary to place them upon the

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400, while at St. Thomas's only 15 of the hip and 3

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