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branches. The third frontal convolution is free in its posterior

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date (October 27th) he is still under treatment, taking .0006 three times

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pard, Fargo ; E. J. Davidson, Grand Forks ; J. W. Robinson,

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in stocks and secured. A red hot cautery is brought to the

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followed by partial hemiplegia on the left side of the body, by

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she answered questions as if half asleep, but in such a way as to leave- no

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end of that time it became evident that the effect of hyoscyamia was only a

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Retraction of head. Coma increased, and he died on 4th day. P.M. — I/cft

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reinoculated upon horses, they again assume their original char-

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are given in an account of the banquet in this number of the

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on two occasions. Restlessness more marked at night. Increasing emaciation

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with a rod-like electrode of moderate length (10 cm. or more),

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entry made at the hospital. The " in-co-ordination " consiste^ in extraordi-

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xcordivg to autJiorised Nomenclature — continued.

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Lungs : physical signs of fluid in the left pleura ; friction

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Bank building and fixtures (estimated value, 8200,000; assessed value, 8168,000)

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the power of diminishing the amount of blood in a part deeper

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contained a soft, cheesy mass, similar to that found in the lungs,

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from the anterior surface of the recto- vaginal septum, and

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in this case the htemorrhage during the earlier years was

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Number of loans not over $3,000 each, 172, amounting to $295,212.05.

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Uaases, according to authorised Nomenclature — continued.

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treated with dilute hydrocyanic acid U. S. P. No. 1, mule,

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laid down, as in Weir's case. A latent hemiplegic state may

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Moore, Desvigne were unfortunately obliged to use very imper-

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Personal loans (average rate, 4.89 per cent.): 4£%, $20,000; 5%, $65,877.38; 5£%. $1,602.29.

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last week of September after an examination in any two of the following

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HOBHOUSE, E., M.D., B.Ch.Oxon., 36, Brunswick Place, Brighton

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often concentrically striated. We have here the lesions charac-

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the breast I'll blame you for it." No attention was paid to the

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parietal bones at the vertex; it passes through the anterior

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Ollivier, in diseases of the brain and spinal cord; Hope and

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