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mortem, in the presence of Drs. H. Knapp, J. R. Learning, J.
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of a sailor, 36 years of age, who died on the third of May, in
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the nature of those that I have alluded to. For instance, in the
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The " Incubation " or Ceremonial Sleep. — Although in
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and night. Even in the worst attacks the patient has never injured himself.
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the patient showed but little change until her death, which
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mumbled and talked queerly. This morning he presents complete aphasia.
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patient had suffered from slight attacks of giddiness during
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very interesting and instructing discussions have taken place
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thickest point. The weight of such a spleen is commonly five
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partial anaesthesia, and diminished electro-muscular contractility.
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fulgurating pains of posterior spinal sclerosis. Although the
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25th. Lesions of nerve trunks may produce secondary lesions
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the words, " truly moral." Generally sleeps well the latter part of the night,
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his footing before making diagnosis, prescribing treatment or
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microscopic lesions. The gray matter appeared swollen, in-
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Prescription. Cold compresses, according to Priessnitz's method, to the
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there has been no marked change in his condition; he often makes use of the
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part in the cure of Plutus in fiction. Several votive in-
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the surface is clean, a gauze dressing is usually applied for
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he was unable to stand. There was tingling in his toes and
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gelatin the cultures show a flaky aspect, and upon examination
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He gives the following points for differential diagnosis from
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I haveince indirectly heard that the disease has made progress.
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Number of deposits during year, 1,013, amounting to ■ .
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from the posterior vaginal wall." The operation I am about
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patient was rational, and gave an account of the accident. He
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of patients admitted into the Hospital amounted to 6,079. ^^ ^^^
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the right lower lobe, in stage of red hepatization; expectoration rust-colored;
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In dressing this class of wounds absorbent cotton should be
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Wagstafee, W. W., B.A., F.R.C.S., Purleigh, St. John's Hill,
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ligature of a thin cord on the cervix uteri, the uterus was re-
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number of women in the population from which our cases
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