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addition moral torture from the notion that she was responsible
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observed this in my practice during the last three years. Hav-
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a correct diagnosis without the aid of this instrument. So, too,
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prosperous state. In April, after taking quinia pills, he began to speak about
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1882. From his report * the following notes are taken :
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treatment, especially strychnine, it being too active a stimu-
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epileptic spasms, which I have treated of in a former paper.
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upward. Ultimately, in old cases, the whole of the posterior
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taking as much as eight and ten ounces of the latter per diem for two weeks
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were pretty firmly adherent to the surrounding tissues, their
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Downey, W. N. Drohan, James Early, M. J. Fallon, T. H. Hall, William Hart, Richard
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contra-indicate operation. In this connection one must
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they are carefully dried and put back into the case.
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tion was not wholly paralyzed, no abscess or special irritation was produced
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judicious management as described in the cases related in the
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nerve (ptosis and diplopia), which rapidly became complete paralysis. No
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distance of 28 or 30 mm. behind the line 3-4, and a little above
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existed for seven years, with an interruption of twenty months,
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tonitis ; large quantity of blood in abdomen and pelvis; source apparently separated
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a large dissecting room and laboratories will be added in the
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to 96 by the 4th day. Abdomen became slightly distended. Mag. Sulph. was
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dose (1. of the two bromides) before each meal, and three doses
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While regarding the lesion as an inflammation of the pia mater,
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him many free movements ; but the sight of the evacuations and our argu-
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professor has at his disposition a case of parturition, and when
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and very slow pulse, varying from 60 to 50 beats per minute; stupor and gen-
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proceeding it was possible to suppress the disease in Tientsin
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Real estate loans (average rate, 4.59 per cent.) : 4%, $972,975; 4J%, 1499,319.46; 5%, $1,545,356.66;
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a telegram from the north of Ireland from the missing man
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Due depositors on 16,061 accounts, averaging $362.53 each
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pain strictly speaking ; no cerebral symptoms ; no numbness in feet, but
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good drivers, proud of their teams, caring for them, sending con-

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