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extravasation on following day ; incision and supra-pubic cystotomy ; blood in

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passed efficacy, viz., the iodide of potassium and the various

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involved region. Painted with chromic acid solution^ 10 per

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patient left the hospital almost perfectly cured as regards paralysis, and in good

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diem. This medicine has procured several hours of rest to a

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left middle finger and thumb (the former being strongly flexed, the latter

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September 7th. Right eye moves normally; left nearly well; internus and

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and complained of giddiness and mental confusion. On one occasion he

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In the anterior fossse we find only the olfactory commissures and

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When he attempts to stand alone in bare feet, the reflex spasm is so great as

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to lift it up so as to rest, in the form of an inclined plane,

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saying "I can't speak," and by signs expressive of despondency. January

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of potassium in large doses. I was inclined to consider the paraplegia one

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muscles by the movements of the head. We direct the patient

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where the nerve trunk becomes accessible to pressure, others

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It seems to me that three conclusions may legitimately be

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Second, the case might be thought to be an hypersemia due

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posteriorly, in the region of the paracentral lobule, and this

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stampede through the yards. Had such a thing occurred, it

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9 a.m. Before breakfast . . . 155 8 (losing 3 G during night).

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itself. The tongue may be deviated by paralysis of one cheek.

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Btkon Loomis, President. W. M. Purrington, Treasurer.

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(besides having on eighteen occasions assisted at the perform-

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ness must be enforced. Special attention to these apparently

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bladder. Whole of the bladder wall infiltrated with growth, which also fungated

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voked by the introduction of 30 cc. (!) of solution into the

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Total Expenses for the Year, including State Taxes.

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lialf only, and the average annual incidence at St. Thomas's

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