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1, cirrhosis of liver in 2. Of fatal cases: kidneys granular and

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February 24/t. At 6 o'clock A.M., had a general convulsion, followed by

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the absurdity of this creation of the theorizer. If the cerebellum

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there being no lingual palsy and no impairment of intellect ; can't shut his

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time and this only in a cool place protected from sunlight. It

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side ; face paralyzed on left ; patient can hardly articulate, and cannot give

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(inferior) surface of the medulla, can be traced in the pons and

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with one or two finger-tips applied as in percussion. The place

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this was opened, and about i oz. of pus evacuated. Patient made

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had experienced no dizziness, nausea nor ill effects of any kind

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after 12 o'clock. Four spasms between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Bowels well open.

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Rilliet and Barthez,"* denominated the disease paralysie cssentielle

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is complete throughout the spinal axis. There seem be good

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256 transfers, amounting to $146,605.47, not included in above table.

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occupation received many blows fi'om machinery. One year ago severe injury to

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columns of Tiirck, and a slighter sclerosis of all the cord poste-

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line of separation. Glycosuria always present, varying in amount from 10 grs.

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euchre, and all games with which he had been familiar, he was

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natural, and what took place was exactly what one would

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without noteworthy interruptions, and the animal was ready for

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lessness, are very much benefited by conium. I usually give

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tarrh " in which the owner had lost a number of valuable cat-

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Diseases of Women, Public Health, Insanity, Diseases of

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was attacked with facial erysipelas ; in spite of supporting treatment, he died

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foreign trade. The total export of animal products in the past

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From a study of these few cases, in the present state of our

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2. S. C — , male, set. 36. Si.^ months previous to admission slipped on a piece

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