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part, of specialized research. And in the same period the IIUMI

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fully tested in these little patients, and when testing common

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A transverse vertical section through the middle of the thickened patch of

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In this disease, the temperature usually rises from one to four

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W^e are now prepared to study the symptoms of lesions in the

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224 loans on real estate {average of each, $1, 355.15) .

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the law untouched for all practical purposes. I propose to

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rapid respiration. Death ou 2nd day. P.M. — Both lungs cederaatous, and

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March 9. Seen with Dr. Conrad. Patient is practically cured. The mus-

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tion. Thoracic viscera normal. Urine normal. Serum and diazo reactions

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known as " epileptic automatism." It is well known that

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of the fifth decennium of life ; Kronlein's statistics show an

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extra-dural abscess. Pain relieved. Temperature fell to 100°. 2nd day, patient

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This Scholarship, founded by the late Sir \V. Tite, C.B., M.P., F.R.S., of

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months we are expected to relieve in his horse in as many

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lustration I would cite a private case of my own, a lady suffering

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in the District of Columbia. It establishes a license system and

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four cases in which the rules of cranio-cerebral topography

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opposition. That it has not as yet been under consideration by

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the contracted pupil. It is noteworthy that no symptoms of

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