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First Medical men generally do not fully appreciate the value

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it was possible to stimulate the conceptual centres by visual or

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18 transfers, amounting to $8,632.88, not included in above table.

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Pott's fractures, 1 a Dupuytren's fracture, in 2 the tibia

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out of the prepuce and torn by one of the barbs of the wire. —

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by Gairdner,* by Hillairet, t and in Case L of this paper. What-

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the back of the head. Much hemorrhage. Admitted collapsed, with de-

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mechanical causation ; but it is a little difficult to understand

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eighth^ and fall equally regularly to the last. Sixty-eight

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b. Profit and loss (increase during year, $11,414-83)

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examine the patient, not simply for anaemia and mal-nutrition,

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Launoy jointly contributed their findings to the Paris Academy

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yet further trials should certainly be made, when a time and

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ing, and it used to be a matter of great anxiety to me at the

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Since the introduction of antitoxic serum at St. Thomas's in January, 1895,

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Feb. 9th. Some trophic changes in feet ; nail of big toe coming off. The

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ment, and partly, also, because of the extreme application of

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he pointed to his right arm and left frontal region. By gestures he finally

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the ulcer, stitched him up again, and released him from his bonds. He

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2 cases admitted tbree times, 3 t\ice. History of gout in 6, of

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uA Case of> Movable, Kidneys ; Remarkable Voluntary Control Over These

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pain down the leg when walking. Swelling increased, and became more

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susception of the rectum which was successfully reduced. Sev-

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I am led to publish this case because of the belief that had

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needed he gives chloral hydrate or cannabis indica, or sodium

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by foreign body, where all treatment had been abandoned, six

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in advance. It seems impossible to take a history without doing

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Treated at cottage hospital and infirmary by rest. On examination no

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in certain paralytics, in lectures, and have called the attention

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article on parturient paresis, and passing through a similar

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expressed his conviction " that the best method of treat-

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