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course with the promoters of general science, escape the tendency

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tional relations to the number of inoculations they received. It

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What has been proven is, that by means of certain methods

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long and slow process of education. Second, the best thinkers on

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The tail is very long (26-27 inches), generally exceeding

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Deposits in national banks or trust companies .....

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hardly add that lesions involving one optic nerve in front of the

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tigued the horses were the higher was the temperature. It was

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and ataxia are so great as to render the patient perfectly

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country, in small villages and small cities, and they of necessity

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Lienaux]. — The author insists on the condition of the arthritis,

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probably before long a simple form of cautery, with one tip,

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point of view, and our clinics are not what they should be.

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mencement of the fissure of Sylvius (pia still adherent). Fig. 11

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M.D. Read before the American Neurological Association, June 22d, .1882.

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Kohlschiitter {E.). — " Verauderang des allgemeiuen Kor-

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tions for quittor and cunean tenotomy ; Dr. J. J. Hogarty, pro-

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articulation ; a deep pain. At first the pain was occasional, excited by wash-

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viz. that the hospital constitutes an entire parish — that o£

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gargle to be of the strength of 4 or 8. of bromide to 30. cc.

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tive continuous improvement, there were no unpleasant effects of any im-

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must be added that these vaso-motor and ciliary symptoms are

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of the pharmacopoeia has been experimented with. The only

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normal, this dressing is continued until the wound is healed

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A. Anterior median fissure, p. Posterior median septum. 1. Columns of Goll. 2. Columns of

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and it was then replaced by manipulation as follows : An at-

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the patient and his attendants. Many unpleasant consequences

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The differential diagnosis of fulgurating pains from the pains

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margin of the opening, the large size of the hernia, and the

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u On thejMethods of Diagnosis in Diseases of the Nervous System 558

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we also begin to notice slight processes from the protoplasm ;

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had all disappeared, and the gland was reduced to a thin mass

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