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even according to the time of year at which the remedy is

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chance. He desired to emphasize the essayist s views as to

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alone can teaoh us the Unie affinities and rdadons of or

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that it would take. It ate the sugar greedily at times receiving from

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stream from every part and the retching though somewhat

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NAAS UNION CO. Kildar Medical Officer for the Robertstown and Kilmeague

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thinks worthy of Remark is that although the eldeft Son at

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rather because they point to organs and functions which

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fuse regeneration of similar molecules occurs in side chains

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with the patient s utterances taking the form of fragmentary sen

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writers considerable antidotal value in poislning by

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may be suffering from injury or deformity or disease of mind or

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parallel to each other. A concentric tubular or glob

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of the seventh month No. at the close of the seventh month

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the pig and sew it up with the same kind of needle and

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anterior or posterior columns of the cord. I able to present to

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of psychological origin the somatic s Tnptoms of which are susceptible

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made directly from the crude drug or from some pharmaceutical derivative

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pain which was excessive was controlled by morphia but symptoms of

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numerous illustrations. Nevertheless statistics in the hands of

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year school children were under medical supervision and

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so called scrofulous diathesis. Recently it has become customary to

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when accompanied by a perinephritic bfemorrhage maj present

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Switzerland and was only waiting to witness the cele

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the Phytolacin proves a certain safe and effectual resolvent

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which rnuft therefore have licked themfelves before their nativi

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October discusses one or two aspects of these subjects.

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work by their influence in providing for those not pro

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sary factor in the uninterrupted production of war goods.

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sometimes to a gallon or even more in a single pleural cavity.

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round cylindrical or conical in form and intended for intro

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vince even the most skeptical that with the introduc

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often in the same patient adhesions of different ages and varying density.

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ment is impossible. And he concludes with the pious hope that

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lakes that there wai something wrong with him to use his

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fixation and extension. We may by following this rule

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mesenteric glands become involved and prevent the introduction ol

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charts his bacteriological chemical and hematological re


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